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The team behind the team

In basketball, teamwork is everything. To win, you need to support each other. Hudl video and data technology is designed to support you, giving coaches and players every competitive advantage they need in the modern game.

Key features

See how Hudl helps you to drive success on and off the court.

Custom analysis

Use powerful coding and scripting tools to generate the analysis that matters to you and your team.

  • Key features

    See how Hudl helps you to drive success on and off the court.

  • Key features

    See how Hudl helps you to drive success on and off the court.

  • Key features

    See how Hudl helps you to drive success on and off the court.

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β€œMake players part of the development process. Sit down and watch video with your players.”
Nate Babcock - Atlanta Hawks, Assistant Coach NBA

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A collection of state-of-the-art performance solutions, designed to give you every advantage.

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Hudl Sportscode

Fully customisable performance analysis

Sportscode custom analysis software enables clubs to create video analysis tailored to your unique coaching philosophies.

  • Annotate video with your own analysis
  • Create small bitesize clips from full games
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Seamless video and data sharing

Hudl is a secure, cloud-based platform that gives professionals the ability to share video insights quickly and easily. Both online and on mobile.

  • Fully integrated with Sportscode
  • Give the whole team access from any device
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Hudl Replay

Real-time video analysis for game day

Replay delivers live and instant video analysis in the moments that matter, enabling coaches to make data-driven decisions in real-time.

  • Instant replays on the touchline
  • Share across multiple devices
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Hudl Focus

No cameraman. No equipment. No hassle.

Focus is a smart camera that automatically records and uploads your games and practices to your Hudl library.

  • A fully automated recording solution
  • Every team, one solution
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Hudl Instat

Your one-stop shop for basketball film.

Take your basketball team to the next level with Hudl Instat's streamlined tools, used by more than 1,300 teams globally.

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Case study

Hudl Focus helps Alvark Tokyo Conquer Japanese B-League

Hiroki Iwabe uses Hudl Focus in conjunction with Sportscode and believes it’s vital to work with them together in his role with Alvark Tokyo.

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Case Study

Basketball That Never Stops: The Philosophy of Rizing Zephyr Fukuoka

A new coaching team takes on the world of Japanese basketball using new tools to bring a specific philosophy and understanding of the sport to life.

This is the story of the new era of analysis at Rizing Zephyr Fukuoka.

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