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In every sport and at every level, the goal is always continuous improvement. That’s why our range of analysis tools are built to help you keep on tracking, learning and improving.

Pro Suite

The full pro soccer package

To achieve results, you need every advantage. That’s why we created Pro Suite. A word-class collection of video and data analysis products, working seamlessly together on one connected platform.

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Seamless analysis, distribution and communication

The Hudl platform keeps your team connected. It makes your content accessible, anytime, anywhere, so you can quickly share video insights and provide data-driven feedback to your players.

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Hudl Sportscode

Customisable performance analysis

Every team has its own philosophy. Sportscode gives you the flexibility to build your analysis around that philosophy. Our custom coding tools transform big data into the small insights that really matter to your team.

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Advanced, easy-to-use telestration

Hudl Sportscode users can now quickly add professional, dynamic drawings and graphics to multiple angles in your video packages, all within one ecosystem of products.

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The world’s most used scouting platform

Wyscout gives you everything you need to discover new talent. It’s a complete set of scouting products designed to enhance every aspect of player recruitment, for soccer clubs at every level of the game.

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Hudl Assist

On-demand video analysis

Let us take care of coding basic events so you can focus on everything else. With Hudl Assist, you can upload game video and within 24 hours, our professional analysts will tag team stats for both sides.

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Hudl Replay

Live video analysis, where you need it most

In-game insights delivered where you need it most. Make data-driven decisions quickly and review critical actions with real-time analysis and instant replay.

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Hudl Focus

No cameraman. No equipment. No problem.

Our smart camera automatically records and uploads your games and practices to Hudl.

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